3 Common Air Fryer Problems and How to Fix Them

Anyone who has ever used an air fryer knows that they are a wonderful tool to fry foods without using a lot of oil and without creating a lot of  mess. They are a healthier alternative to traditional fryers that also leave your kitchen a lot less greasy than a traditional fryer would. Even better, it fits easily out of the way and is typically much small than a traditional fryer. However, just like any progressive appliance, they can have issues that can be a deal breaker if you do not know how to fix it.  Here are three common problems air fryers have and how to fix them.

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  • My food is too soggy, dry, or chewy.

This is probably the easiest problem to fix with an air fryer. Most people believe that an air fryer is the healthy alternative to deep frying, so they avoid the oil altogether. Unfortunately, while it is a much healthier alternative, it is not quite as healthy as baking unless you want soggy, chewy, or dry “fried” foods. To avoid this problem, it is best to coat your foods with a light layer of oil in the air fryer. This allows for the frying to not completely dry out or overcook your food.

  • I have white smoke.

White smoke is a much easier problem than black smoke. Black smoke needs a repair shop to be fixed. But white smoke is something you can fix on your own. White smoke usually indicates too much fat on the foods you are cooking. While the smoke is not harmful, it can be unsettling. First, check your oil collection pan to make sure it is clean and clear of excess oil and fat. Additionally, try to use your air fryer with foods that are less fatty and cut off excess fat before cooking.

  • The air fryer is on, but it is not getting any power

This may be a simple fix, or it may be time to get a new air fryer. First, check to make sure everything is properly connected and your circuit breaker is not blown. Then, check the timer to make sure it is not set yet. Sometimes, air fryers do not turn on if the timer is in the middle of a cooking session. If none of these solutions fix the problem, it is time to recycle your air fryer and upgrade to a newer model.

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Most air fryers have a long shelf life if they are kept in good condition and cleaned properly and regularly. Make sure to keep your fryer cleared of excess oil and grease after each use and clean each piece thoroughly  to avoid contaminations. Also, make sure to store your air fryer in a cool and dry location to avoid potential electrical damage  at may occur from improper storage. As long as it turns on and is not producing black smoke, your air fryer should continue to fry tasty and healthier versions of your favorite fried foods for years to come.

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