Air fryer vs. Convection oven

We are in a modern age of information and high mobility, everything we do requires some element of speed and efficient result. It is the same with our cooking. Today, cooking should be brief, fast and stress-free.

Good enough we have our answers with technology giving us various cooking tools to choose from and at times, it gets confusing which of these long list of cooking technology you should pick for your kitchen.

Incidentally, two most popular cooking appliances are available, which have reduced our stress considerably. They are the countertop air fryer and the convection oven.

If you are like me who love to cook and to wonder the difference between air fryer cooking and the convection oven, to pick the best for your use. Sit tight and read on for answers.

Technically, they do just the same, but this article will help you choose by comparing the two appliances to make an informed decision, and here you go.


Let’s use the following criteria for our comparison:

  • Technology

The convection oven cooks your food using convective heat transfer, a radiation generated from a heating element. The interior fans complete the job of heat circulation for even transfer of heat to food being cooked.


As for the airfryer, it uses rapid air technology, hot air from a heating element, blown down from the top by the system’s fans to cook the food.

  • Size and smartness

As with size, air fryer is smaller (cavity is max 3 liters) than the convection oven (26 liters) making airfryer faster; it take less oil and space, making it a better and smarter option.

  • Efficient cooking

When a product is effective, it saves you time and money and between air fryer and convection oven, airfryer is more efficient because it uses the rapid air circulation system, making it 50{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} more efficient than the convection oven.

  • Capacity to cook more at a go

Looking at airfryer and the convection oven from a quantity of cooking at once, the convection oven has the edge because it comes bigger than airfryer cooker.


However, considering its efficiency and smartness, which may result in more cooking in little time, air fryer cooker still takes the lead because you can cook more in a short period.

  • Crisp and juiciness cooking

One of the reasons you cook is to have your food come out crisp, in this case, airfryer gives a better result than the convection oven. But to retain the juiciness of your food, the convection oven could be better. However, if you are a skilled cook, you can achieve both using the air fryer.

  • Price and durability

Price is important in choosing any appliance, as well as longevity of the item. 


As with price, it is a function of the product’s brand and model. But the convection ovens are more expensive than the airfryers.


For durability, airfryers are long lasting compared to convection ovens, because of their design.

  • Maintenance

In comparing the maintenance factor, it is easy and convenient to clean the items, but more comfortable with airfryer than it is with the convection oven.


What to choose?

Air fryers are great for cooking without oil, because it removes excess oil which drains and collect at the bottom pan for easy remover, resulting in crisp and delicious food free of calories that would have come from oil frying. Also make sure you have read our complete Airfryer guide , so that you can make an informed choice. If you are from the US we recommend you check out the reviews at .


Therefore, airfryer makes my choice. What about you

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