Amazon Prime Day India 2017 : How To Started And Best Deals Guide

Amazon Prime day is here for the first time in India and they are offering some crazy deals and discounts across all products. But there is lot of confusion about this sale. This article will clearly and briefly explain how to get started and access the best deals on Amazon Prime, also we made a list of discounts across all products which you can access in this article.

In order to see the deals/ buy the products which are on sale on prime day you must be a prime member. It comes at very minimum charge of 499/year. Trust me the benefits you get out of being a prime member is worth every penny you pay towards it. So to get started, click the button below and become a prime member.


What are the other benefits of Being a Prime Member?

  • Prime members will be the first in India to get exclusive access to over 30 new launches from top brands such as Honor, GAP and IFB
  • Prime members can enjoy 30 hours of deal shopping– with deals starting on at 6 PM on July 10
  • Launch of 6 new exclusive Prime Video titles streaming in 6 days; Premiere of India’s first Amazon Original – “Inside Edge”
  • Special offers worth Rs. 1100/ for all Prime members shopping on Prime Day

Now assuming you are Prime members here are the top deals!

Prime deals in focus : This gives you of all the deals in a broad sense. You can get discounts ranging from 15-60{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} and also cashback by using Amazon Pay balance. Click below to access the Prime deals.

>>Click here to access all prime deals<<

Blockbuster Deals and trending deals : These are deals across all items. Here they are offering insane discounts and one day delivery on most of the items. You can even shop your grocery items as there are discounts ranging from 20-85{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} across many products. Click below to access the deals.

>>Click here to access all blockbuster Deals<<

Upcoming Deals : Also keep an eye on upcoming deals, there will be offers at certain timings and you shouldn’t miss any opportunity to save some money today.

>>Click here to access Upcoming Deals<<

Cashback deals : Amazon pay is offering 20{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} cashback for loading amounts above 500. So load 1000 rupees and get 200 for free. The cashback is capped at 200 maximum. Also HDFC card holders can get a maximum of rupees 2000 cashback on purchases of 5000 and above. Click below to learn about the offer.



Other deals : Similarly there deals across many other categories. Please access it by clicking on the relevant links below.

  • TV and Large Appliances : Up to 35{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} off
  • Mobiles : Up to 35{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} off 
  • Home & Kitchen Products : Up to 75{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} off
  • Electronics : Up to 50{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} off
  • Amazon Fashion : 40-70{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} off
  • Make my trip offer : Thailand Holiday for ten winners


There are a lot of deals which you access throughout the day and today is the last day. Please make use of the cashback offer to maximize the saving. Also, read all the terms and conditions before doing any purchase to be extra careful. We wish you all the best for today’s shopping journey and hope you save a lot. If you have any queries, please comment below.



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