The summer has just begun and the temperature is already hitting abnormal levels. This is not something new to most of the Indian cities but the worrying fact is that the rate of increase of temperature is on the rise every year. While we cannot do much as human beings to change the trend in short term, we can can take long term measures in order to tackle this problem. In order to keep ourselves cool and healthy we need appliances like fan, Air cooler and of course air conditioners.

You may be wondering what is the purpose of this article then, we intend to provide you with detailed information about air conditioners from how it works to what factors to consider while buying an AC. Also provide reviews for the best air conditioners in the Indian market which will help you in your buying journey. Read this tell all buyers guide and please feel free to ask any queries you may be having at any point in the comments section.

Before getting into reviews let understand how an Air conditioner works,

Working of an air conditioner

best ac in india

We won’t get in-depth into the technicalities involved in the working of an air conditioner. However, we will explain the principle, in simple terms – An air conditioner achieves the cooling effect by exploiting the principle of phase conversion. That is, when a liquid evaporates to gas,it absorbs the heat from the surrounding. This liquid,called as refrigerant is made to pass through coils.A fan sucks in the warm air inside a room and drives it over the coils. As it passes over the coils,the warm air gives away the heat and hence gets cooled, giving you the cool air that blows out through the AC. If you are curious and want to learn more about the inner workings, we recommend you to read the article on Explainthatstuff.

Best air conditioners in India 2017 comparison table

Before we get into individual reviews of air conditioners have a look at the top ten ACs as per the ratings based on various factors. This will you a overall standing of the most popular air conditioners in the Indian market and which is the most suited for you.


ProductTonnageEnergy efficiency rating  
Sansui 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White1.55Read reviewCheck Price
Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White1.55Read reviewCheck Price
Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC1.53Read reviewCheck Price
Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White1.55Read reviewCheck Price
Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC White1.53Read reviewCheck Price


There are hundreds of ACs online and offline which makes it very confusing for any buyer, worry not that is precisely why we made this guide.After lot of research online and offline these are the best picks for ACs in the current market, We have reviewed and highlighted important aspects which will help you choose the best among the already short listed products.


Sansui 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White

First in the list is this lovely energy efficient cooling machine by Sansui, Let us have look at its Salient features

  • The anti bacteria filter makes sure the air is filtered by removing Bacteria, pollen and any unwanted particles
  • 5 star energy saving rating
  • Comes with a Auto restart feature which automatically resets the AC as soon as the power comes back with optimal temperature setting
  • Be care free about the air quality as this comes with a in built dust filter
  • Sleep mode feature which optimizes the cooling function during the night saving your electricity bill
  • Inbuilt dehumidifier which controls the humidity and moisture
  • Complete product cover for a period of 1 year and compressor warranty for 5 years. Any problems will be addressed by an authorized service engineer.
  • Also you can return the product within 10 days if you aren’t satisfied with it                                            

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White

Here some of the key features of this ac,

  • i-PM 2.5 Filter which filters tiny dust particles and bacteria using natural ventilation process
  • Comes with an inbuilt refrigerant leakage detector which warns in case of any leakage and puts the ac before further damage, this is an amazing safety feature to have in AC
  • Copper condenser which facilitates faster cooling and low maintenance required
  • Automatically adjusts cooling based on room temperature due to the in build sleep mode feature
  • Turbo mode and Auto swing air modes also available
  • 1 year entire unit and 4 years compressor warranty
  • Easy pay options like EMI through credit and and also no cost EMI which makes it an affordable appliance to buy                                                                                                                                                                              

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC

  • Anti-bacteria and air filer is not present in this ac
  • Comes with auto climate technology which adjusts the room temperature by varying the fan speed based on the temperature outside the room
  • Auto humid control efficiently controls the humidity inside the room making it a peaceful sleeping experience for you
  • Four way swing technology which covers nook and corner of your room to be cooled
  • Auto power save mode optimizes the fan speed to maintain a constant temperature of 25 degrees there by saving electricity charges
  • When the heat is un-bearable just make use of the Power mode for super quick cooling
  • The rotary compressor ensures faster cooling and also reliable performance as this is a 3 star rated AC
  • Access of moisture is removed by the inbuilt dehumidifier
  • Inclusive of 5 years of compressor warranty and 1 year of complete Unit warranty, Easy payment options like EMI, No cost EMI are also available                                                                                                                    

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White

  • Provides a dust free and bacteria free environment as it comes with an in-built bacteria and dust filter
  • Aluminium condenser for efficient cooling and cost reduction
  • iFeel technology with two temperature sensors which checks the temperature around you and then optimizes the cooling
  • Comes with seven advanced filters which literally doesn’t allow dust particles of any size and filter it
  • Long distance piping which allows you to place the condensor at your desired location which is not the case for most oft he air conditioners
  • Free installation and Demo
  • 10 days replacement guaranteed by Flipkart assured, Payment can be done by Cash, Debit card, Credit Card(Easy EMI) and no cost EMI options                                                                                                          

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC White

  • Inclusive of Anti bacteria filter, Dust filter and catalyst filter
  • Includes Auto restart mode(In case of power cuts), Timer mode, Sleep mode and Self diagnosis mode
  • Backlight remote inclusive of night glow buttons( Generally people ignore this feature, it is a very good feature to have however small it may be)
  • Two free services of AC within the warranty period
  • Very efficient due to the aluminium condenser used which reduces the cost and also facilitates perfect cooling
  • Comes with great payment options and 10 days replacement warranty by Flipkart Assured
  • Payment option includes : EMI with Credit cards, No cost EMI, Debit Card and cash on delivery      

Those are some of the best in the market, Now let us move to some of the important things you must consider before buying a Air conditioner.

How to select the perfect AC for your home this summer 

Whenever you go looking for an AC online you will be overwhelmed by the terms used in description section. You may be confused how does these matter to you and your choice. Read closely as we explain each of those factors which matter in detail,

Capacity : Wondering which is the most suitable AC for your room, This is where capacity comes in to importance. You must be confused if you should go for 1 ton or 1.5 ton, this is why capacity becomes relevant.Based on the size of the your room you must choose the capacity of the air conditioner. Here is a rough relation between between the two factors,
If your room area is between 120-140 sq.feet then 1 ton AC would be an Ideal choice, If it is between 150-180 sq.feet then a 1.5 ton AC must be able to take care of your cooling needs whereas if your room are is 180-240 sq.feet then you may go for a 2 ton air conditioner.

Energy Efficiency : In today’s age all electronic appliances come with star rated energy efficient ratings called as EER. These ratings are provided by Bureau of energy efficiency (BEE). Even air conditioners are rated based on their electricity consumption and other eco-friendly factors. All you have to keep in mind is more the stars lesser is the electricity consumption and better is the efficiency.

Type of AC: As you must be knowing there are two types of air conditioners i.e Split and Window AC. The only good thing about Windows AC it’s low cost as compared to Split AC. However when compared to all other aspects of cooling and efficiency Split ACs have an upper hand because of the design and the technology used.

Product Price: Any buyer would certainly keep an eye on the cost of the product, The main factor which influence the prices are the star ratings and inbuilt inverter availability. For increase in one star there is price change of 2500 rupees i.e A three star AC would be 2,500 rupees cheaper than a four star AC. Also inverter air conditioners generally are 20{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} more than the usual air conditioners.

Air quality: With the deteriorating air quality around us this becomes a very important while buying an air conditioner, Always lookout if the AC you have shortlisted have Air filters and dust filters. They not only keep the air quality good but also avoid dust and other particles from getting into the AC there by increasing the cooling and efficient of the air conditioner. It increases the life of the AC by preventing the particles from damaging the evaporator coil.

Installation requirements: While the window ACs are quite simple there is not separate compressor unit as in the case of Spit AC. The efficiency of an Split AC depends a lot on how good or bad the installation is done, So always make sure that the installation process is done by authorized engineers. The air flow and distance from the cooling unit to the compressor are the factors which affect the cooling and efficiency.

Maintenance & Cleaning: Just buying the AC and then keeping yourself cool for the next one year will hurt you bad if you do not maintain/ clean it periodically. Make sure that you service the Ac quarterly i.e once in every 3 months for optimum life. It is a best practice to get the servicing done by authorized people.

Cooling speed: Cooling speed is quite important as it helps in proper distribution of cool air, It is desired to have at least two fan speeds and two cooling speeds so that you have the control to adjust the cooling to your desired level.  It would be perfect if the AC comes with the energy efficient Cooling speed setting which helps in lesser power consumption.

After sales services: This may be mentioned last but it is the most important factor you must consider before making the final payment for your air conditioner. Your warranty is useless if your brand does not have a good network of service centers in your area, So you have to make sure that there service centers which cater to the brand of AC you are buying. When you buy air conditioners online make sure this factor is checked, most the brands do provide servicing for the ACs online.

Miscellaneous features: Added to the features above here are some features you must look for in an AC, Make sure your AC has a dehumidification feature which keeps the humidity at desired levels. Another important aspect you should check for is the noise, yes all ACs make noise and make sure that it doesn’t exceed 50-60 db. These days air conditioners come with Sleep mode which optimizes the temperature and cooling during sleep there by saving a lot of electricity. Also an auto restart feature is quite handy to have which will automatically restart the AC in case of power cuts or any other power conditions.

Offline or Online: Five years back we would have said offline, Now with the amount of offers and variants available online it is best if you can purchase it online. Also after sales service is guaranteed and you will also be protected by a money back guarantee. You have to make sure that the brand you are choosing has a good network of service centers in your city.

Multipurpose:  Air conditioners are multipurpose devices which are not only used for cooling nut can also be used for heating in winters. You can save up to 35{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} of electricity by using these than a traditional heater during winter. The are also the best devices for cooling of humid weather. Make sure than your AC comes with a humidity control for efficient cooling during Winters.

These are pretty much the most important factors you must consider before buying an AC. There may be many more that will only get you confused and are not important. So make a checklist and see to it that the AC you have chosen has a tick across most the factors mentioned above. It is not realistic have all features under your budget, Be wise and make a list of features you would like to have for your needs.

Some additional tips and tricks

Heat and sunlight exposure: The placement of your air conditioner plays a crucial role, if your AC is directly exposed to sunlight then you will need an AC with their capacity. So make sure you have placed the AC away from sunlight and Heat(when installing in kitchen)

Room Size: It is very important that you the size/capacity of the AC must be suitable to the room size as explained in the factors. A bigger AC will result in improper dehumidification while smaller AC will consume more electricity to provide a good level of cooling. The capacity ranges from 0.75 to 2 tonne and you have to choose it based on your room size. You can also go with inverter Acs which provides flexibility with variable capacity function.

Brand: Make sure the brand you have chosen provides you with all the latest features and also look for the EER of AC. You would want an AC which will provide you with the best cooling and also an energy efficient solution. One more aspect to check for is the after sales support of the brand you are going to associate it.

Weather conditions: The AC you choose must be all weather proof which means that it should have humidity control feature for summers and also must be able to provide cooling under harsh Indian conditions.

Usage: This is were the EER rating becomes relevant again, Higher the usage more should be stars. As a simple thumb rule you can follow the below guidelines,
If you are planning to use the AC for 3 to 4 months(8-10 hours a day) then you can go for a 3 Star rated air conditioner, If the usage extends for 5 to 7 months then it is better off if you go for a 5 star rated AC and finally if you are a heavy user planning for 10-12 months usage then it is best you go for an hot and cold inverter AC.


This comes to the end of our guide which will certainly help you choose the best ac available in the Indian market. Please make sure you make a well informed decision as this is not a cheap appliance. If you do not have the budget to buy an air conditioner please feel free have look at our guide on air coolers in India. Do not forget to share this post and feel free to come back with any queries you have. Happy shopping!