Are you tired of bearing the scorching summer temperatures at home? Are you worried that buying an Air conditioner or any other cooling solution for your home will dig a hole in your pocket? Then worry not, these Air coolers are just what you need to relax in your much-deserved leisure time. A quick search on the internet to find an Air cooler to buy will puzzle you with a magnitude of parameters like power consumption, efficiency, climate, humidity control, brand etc and the list goes on. There are hundreds to thousands of air cooler models in the market all the way from room coolers to jumbo coolers used for large area-spaces like an office or a program hall, That is exactly why we have come up with this best air cooler in india so that you can be given all the relevant information about the best brands. If you are looking for a small air cooler enough to cool your bedroom, office or anywhere else with a small confined space this article will guide you to finding the best possible match for your requirements.

Ever wonder how an Air cooler works?

Well, it’s really simple. I will explain it in the simplest and easiest way to understand. The majority of the coolers in the market work on the evaporative principle and hence called evaporative/swamp type coolers. On the contrary Air conditioners work using the principle of vapor compression.  Getting any ideas?

Working of air cooler


The air cooler forces the outside warm air to flow over air cooling pads which are wetted by water. As the air flows over the cooling pads it evaporates the water, loosing heat to water and as a result, we have cool air which blows out from an Air cooler. This cycle when repeated multiple types, reduces the mean temperature of the room to a comfortable level. And what’s more? Air coolers are environment-friendly – they don’t utilize electricity and harmful gasses which can contribute to Global warming.


List of Best Air cooler in India 2017:

We have tested and reviewed a plethora of air coolers and we have compiled a list of air coolers which we think would provide the best value for money. The lists have been categorized based on the range of room area. If I you have not calculated your room area, do it now and come back to this list.


ModelPriceCooling mediumPower consumptionCooling area sq.ft
Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre
Check prize on AmazonWood wool200W250
Bajaj Glacier DC2016 67-Litre
Check prize on AmazonWood wool200W700
Symphony Diet 12T
Check prize on AmazonHoneycomb170W125
Usha Air King RC CD703M 70-Litre Desert Cooler
Check prize on AmazonHoneycomb190W400


What should I consider before I buy one?

I have listed some of the factors which you should take into account before you make your decision.

  1. Choose the right capacity as per the size of your room. More on that below.
  2. The height of your ceiling!
  3. Portability: Do you need to move your air cooler very often?
  4. Quality and value for money
  5. Efficiency
  6. Does the fan make too much noise?
  7. Does it have a remote for easy of access?
  8. How many liters of water can it store?

      1. Capacity:

Look for CFH(Cubic Foot per hour), a parameter to measure the rate of airflow. To explain in simple terms the bigger your room, the more the flow rate(CFH) has to be for effective cooling. We have created a calculator to make the task of finding the suitable CFM for you.

Simply enter the area and height of your room and we will handle the rest.

(Field to enter area and height here)

By now you must know the flow rate that you need for your room. Let’s move on to the next parameter.

  1. The height of your ceiling:

This is self-explanatory. You don’t want to buy a cooler only to find that it doesn’t fit in your room because it is taller than your roof.


  1. Humidity control:

A cooler operates at different efficiencies based on the climate. It works by using the principle of evaporation. The greater the water evaporation the better the cooling achieved. However, there is a limit to the amount of water the air can hold. In coastal areas, the air is already humid (contains water) and hence a cooler would not be able to evaporate as much water. Air coolers were designed to be used in hot and dry climates, in the recent year’s companies have come up with an innovative measure called humidity control. By utilizing this feature you can use a cooler even if you are in a coastal area. So if you live in such an area, be on the lookout for this feature. Although air coolers are not as effective in hot and humid regions they are still widely used because of the low cost.

  1. Efficiency:

An air cooler consumes only about 1/8th of the power that an Air-conditioner sucks in. I don’t want to bore you with the specifics. You can save plenty on electricity bills and at the same time be eco-friendly.

Type of cooling pads: 

Two types of pads are commonly used- Aspen and honeycomb. Honeycomb pads absorb more water than Aspen pads and contribute to more evaporation resulting in better cooling.

honeycomb vs aspen wool

Aspen pad: 72{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} efficiency

Honeycomb pad: 84{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} efficiency

Fiber body vs Galvanized metal body:

A fiber body gives a more pleasing and aesthetic looking. The downside is lower efficiency because this limits the area of the cooling pads.

Galvanized steel bodies are more robust and may seem less aesthetic to most. But the key advantage is higher efficiency and longer life of the machine. The galvanized metal will prevent rusting if you are worried about rusting.

With this knowledge, you should be equipped to make the best choice.


Read below for reviews on some of our favorite picks categorized by brand:

1.Symphony Air cooler review:

1.1 Symphony Diet 12T:

Symphony air cooler review

Let us get the Symphony air cooler review started,

This sleek air cooler would a nice addition to your room or office. We believe the Symphony 12T air cooler provides the most value for money and quality and it can be rightly called the best cooler in India. As the name suggests, it has a water capacity of 12 liters, three-speed settings. A honeycomb pad is used which gives it an upper hand over most other coolers in the efficiency segment.  It has a cooling coverage area of 100 sq.ft which should be adequate for a small bedroom or office. The mosquito net helps to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water tank and the dust filter removes tiny dust particles which enter the cooler. For those of you thinking “wait a minute, what about all those negative reviews on Amazon”. Do people really expect to get the cooling effect of an Air-conditioner with an Air cooler? Seriously, you can’t compare a 5000-6000Rs product with a 25000rs product. It doesn’t make sense.Let’s get real. Having said this, I want to make it clear that Symphony has a bad reputation for customer service. So you may want to consider this aspect before you buy it.


1.2 Symphony Hicool 31-Litre:

best air cooler in india

This machine has a high water capacity of 31 liters and cooling coverage area of 175 sq.ft. giving it a 75{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} more flow rate than the Symphony Diet 12T. It has a Honeycomb pad for high efficiency and a Humidity control function which will come in handy in coastal areas. Power consumption is slightly higher at 185W. A remote is also provided to allow you to switch ON and OFF from the comfort of your bed. Symphony gives a 1-year warranty.

More products from Symphony:

  1. Symphony Ice cube 6.5/8.5kg
  2. Jumbo 51-Liter Air cooler by Symphony
  3. Diet 8T by Symphony

2.Bajaj Air cooler review:

2.1 Bajaj Glacier DC2016 67-Litre:

Bajaj air cooler review

This is huge air cooler from Bajaj with a water capacity of 67 Litres. That’s plenty of space to store water. It pushes out air at a rate of 5800 cubic meters per hour at max setting. A large cooling capacity of 800 sq.ft making it ideal for your living room or perhaps an office or restaurant This model is aesthetically pleasing with a sturdy body compared to the usual bajaj models. The noise level is moderate for a high capacity cooler like this model. This is the end of this Bajaj air cooler review.


2.2 Bajaj Torque PX97 36-Litre:

bajaj px97

This air cooler is more suitable for your home compared to the Bajaj Glacier DC2016. It produces an airflow rate of 1800 cubic meters per hour and cooling area of 150 sq.ft  making it an ideal choice for a bedroom. It has a powerful fan, the airflow can be felt up to 25 feet away from the source. It’s built with ultra-durable corrosion free thermoplastic. A three-sided Honeycomb padding ensures extra cooling. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a tray for ice-cubes. This can be easily overlooked considering all the other pros of this product.


More from Bajaj:

Bajaj Sleeq DC2014 54-Litre


3.Kenstar Air cooler review:

3.1 Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre:

kenstar air cooler review

This cooler is one of the hidden gems on the market that doesn’t sell as much as the other models out there, but Kenstar has a made value for money product with the Kenstar Double cool.Adding to the kenstar air cooler review,  It gives a steady airflow of 1750 cubic meter per hour. A moderate capacity product suitable for approx. 100-150 sq.ft rooms. It promises an air throw distance of 35 feet and 3-speed control with the ability to deflect air in four directions. The product looks oddly shaped compared to the others with dimensions 65*53*55 cm. One thing to note is that this product is not portable. It doesn’t have caster wheels like the above coolers. This also comes with the added advantage of their widespread network of service centers all over India.


3.2 Kenstar Cyclone-12 50-Litre:

kenstar cyclone 12

This is another cooler from Kenstar which looks slick and compact with easy to access controls on the top right. This has a higher flow rate of 2550 cubic meter per hour, 4-way air deflection, 3speed controls and a cooling area capacity of 75 square meters(approximately 800 square foot). It boasts a special wine wool cooling pad which is an Aspen/wool cooling pad with higher efficiency than the average wool. It has an ice box to load up to 25 ice cubes.

More from Kenstar:

  • Kenstar Little Dx 12-Litre
  • Kenstar Glam 50ltr Honey-comb


4. Usha Air cooler review:

4.1 Usha Air King RC CD703M 70-Litre Desert Cooler:

usha air king rc cd703

One look this cooler will tell you that it’s built of a sturdy material. It is a desert cooler with a tank capacity of 70 liters. The 3 side honeycomb padding helps in better evaporation of water. Besides this, it has usual functions like 3-speed control, 4-way deflection and a 1-year warranty. A massive Air flow rate of 3400 cubic meters per hour makes it ideal for large space applications. This is built for use in Dry hot regions and I wouldn’t recommend it for use in coastal region


4.2 Usha Honeywell CL201AE 20-Litre Personal cooler:

The name Honeywell series product from Usha comes with an advanced Humidification level control which is good for coastal areas. It has a capacity of 20 Liters and timer to switch OFF after a set duration. Air flow is 800 cubic meter/hour. And power consumption is quite high at 240W.


More from Usha:

  1. Usha Honeywell CL 30XC 25-Litre
  2. Usha Tornado CT 193 135-Watt Room Cooler (Multicolour)


With that, I would like to conclude this guide to find the best air cooler in India.

Some tips while using your Air cooler:

  1. Contrary to popular opinion that keeping the room closed will provide better cooling the fact is that an air cooler functions better with good ventilation ie keep your windows and doors open.
  2. Always make sure to regularly check your air cooler and clean it. Leaving it unused for long durations may lead to a bad smell.
  3. Use ice cubes along with the water to further cool your room.


With this we end our guide which should help you in choosing your desired air cooler, Additionally we have also written other guides on the following devices which can help you.

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