Havells Air Fryer Review : Must read for buyers

Welcome to the Havells air fryer review. Finally you have managed to spare some minutes of your time to feed your curiosity – to know exactly what it is that has everyone all fired up. Just a heads up, it will live up to the hype. But before we get to that, let’s start with the basics – from what you already know and work our way up to the things that you may or may not have any clue about. Stay tuned while we discuss the Technology, specifications an prices of the this economical air fryer.

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Right off the bat, from your sources, you should know that air fryers are the new gift technology has to offer in place of deep fryers. Instead of using liters and liters of oil, they make use of…wait for it…air! Believe it or not, air is all you need to make your French fries with these little pieces of technology. And before you jump the gun and go all psycho defending the taste deep fryers offer, you will be pleased to hear that air fryers can match if not surpass the taste that deep fryers provide. And the best thing is that it will provide you with these foods at a healthier level. Also make sure you have read our Ultimate guide to buy the best Air fryer before taking any decision.


Havells  Air Fryer Review

Havells Air fryer reviewThe designers of this appliance had everything covered. I dare say they probably were on the best of moods when they were coming up with the design and loading it with features.

Ease of use

Truth be told, when you are making a purchase, the very first thing that you consider is the simplicity of the product and how easy it will be for you to use the product right? This goes for air fryers too. There will be no point in buying a product that you know will only give you hell to prepare a simple meal. As a matter of fact, it would be a major waste of your time. The good news is that with the Havells prolife 1230 watt fryer, you will not experience any hardships when it comes to its use. Everything on it is perfectly and clearly labeled for you.


With the hot air doing rounds within it, it would be a massive disaster and highly unfortunate if your skin would come into contact with it. Also, so that you do not get burnt while handling the fryer while it is cooking, the designers of the Havell fryer made a point of making it cool to the touch. They made use of non-conductors on the outside and sealed the heat from making its way to the exterior of the fryer.


How many time shave you had to settle for less? Having food that is not up to your liking? Many times right? Well, the beauty of preparing our own food is that you get to make it just like you it. The Havell product has mechanisms that see to this as well. It features a 60 minute timer that shuts off automatically when the time you set elapses. This provides you with much needed convenience above all else.

In addition to this, it features a thermostat control for different cuisines that you might be into.


The technology

So how exactly do they work? What magic trick is this they employ? Well, for starters, it is no magic trick, as proven by science. The technology they feature is referred to as rapid air technology. Rapid because the hot air is blown over the food in the appliance at great speeds. The hot air is courtesy of an extremely hot element at the bottom while it’s gushing a result of a string fan blowing the air over the food for even distribution and eventually cooking of the food. Phillips was one of the fast company to patent this technology and tech ownership. Others have however, borrowed from the same idea, made some tweaks here and there and produced air fryers similar yet so different in the eyes of the law. The basic operation is however the same – hot air blowing over food.

Your health should your be your number one concern. But what if for some reason taking in lots of oils does not scare you as it does others? What reason should you have of making the purchase? Are there any other benefits that one stands to gain using an air purifier?

Well, consider this, how many times have you found yourself short of cooking time? How badly are you seeking to make a purchase that provides you with value for your money? If the answered to these questions is A LOT, then the air fryer is an appliance that you need to have in your home. Here is a video showing a lot of detail about this fryer,

Many of the air fryers available in the market have the ability to prepare more than one food at a time. There are special separators that ensure they remain separate during the whole process. In addition, the temperatures that they work at make it possible for them to cook the food in just minutes. Can it get any better than that?

Also, when you are using an air fryer, you will not have to worry yourself about grease or making a mess in your kitchen. It does not minimize the risk of making a mess but rather gets rid of it altogether. The fact that no oil is used in preparing foods with an air fryer is the splendid.

That said, let’s have a look at one of the top air fryers 2016 has to offer and reason why it has secured a place for itself at the top.

Aluminum food basket
Havells fryer basket

The beauty with using an aluminum food basket is that food does not get stuck on the basket. You will not have food that is charred on one side as a result of sticking to the pan. Also, aluminum is a light and highly conductive element. Using it to coat the food basket ensures that the food cooking is cooked evenly.

Havells air fryer price

As always we make it a point to check prices from most of the retailer and online vendors. On comparison we found that online the prices are cheaper than offline vendors. We recommend Amazon as their prices are reasonable and their a more consumer centric company. The price is around 8.5k, it varies and sometimes you can find some great discounts on Amazon.


Clearly, the Havells Air Fryer which also known as havells prolife, is a great addition to one’s kitchen. You just cannot afford to ignore it when you see it behind a display window whilst you are out shopping. To check the latest havells air fryer price and reviews , click on the link below.

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