How Does an Air fryer Cook Food with lesser Oil?

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

Image from Flickr by Maurina Rara

Image from Flickr by Maurina Rara

We are all familiar with frying foods the standard way. You grab a skillet, some grease, and your foods are fried within minutes. With today’s technology, there is such a thing as an air fryer that will fry your foods using air. That sounds too good to be true, and a little too futuristic, but it isn’t, and it actually works. An air fryer uses rapid air technology in which a rapid amount of air is circulated, along with a top grill, and circulates around the ingredients in the basket. The high speed air circulation is so fast that it heats up the ingredients in the basket from every angle, all at the same time. This creates not only fried foods but foods that are healthy and very easy to make. Anyone can cook using an air fryer and they truly have to be seen to be believed. Cooking with an air fryer also allows you to fry your foods without it drying out in the middle, like cooking in the traditional sense can cause.

The way the air fryer is healthier than cooking the normal way is because less fat is used in the cooking of the fries and the percentage is certainly lower. You can prepare healthy meals at an extremely fast speed and it can even be started in a cold appliance. There is a timer that comes attached with an air fryer that shows you just how long your foods are cooking and how much longer they have left. It will surprise you on just how fast something as simple, and infinite, as air can fry foods. With this type of technology, air can be just as powerful as a deep fryer.

An air fryer should be viewed as a food lover’s dream and as a useful product for someone looking to reduce fatty acids in their diet. A lot of the reasons people eat unhealthy is in the way the food is prepared. Thanks for to an air fryer, those kinds of concerns are a thing of the past. You may scoff at the idea of using superheated air, but it is exactly the reason why you shouldn’t. Keep that in mind the next time you find yourself wanting to cook a fast, delicious meal as the answer may have always been in the oxygen you breathe around you. An air fryer is an ingenious invention that should be tried to be believed.

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