Koryo Air fryer Review

In today’s post let’s have a close look at the Koryo air fryer.Let’s face it most people, young and old alike love, and I mean LOVE greasy deep fried foods such as French fries, potato chips, fried chicken and the like. There is some level of comfort that people get feeding on these foods. As a matter of fact, many individuals have gone on record admitting that they find feeding on fried foods soothing whenever they are angry and uplifting when their spirits are low. How these foods achieve this is not scientifically proven – it probably might be all in the mind but be it as it may, it is what they experience. Besides a taste that excites all the taste buds in the tongue, fried foods also come packing a host of other benefits such as calories and fats which contribute to high cholesterol level.  Now you probably are confused at this point thinking that this statement is untrue and mislead. But on the contrary, it is right on point. What makes the fats and calories contained in the fried foods a threat to the health of many is taking them in very high amounts? This makes all the difference. Let’s have a close look on the koryo Air fryer in this review.

So the question now is, how can one enjoy fried foods without frying them in hot boiling cooking oil? Well, technology has a response and an answer for that – air frying. This is the latest solution that scientists and the most prolific entrepreneurs have to offer.

That said, and assuming you are here looking to make a purchase of the best air fryer there is in the industry, below is a review to get you on the right track.

Koryo Air Fryer with digital feature Review

Koryo Air fryer


Reviewing this product, let us start with the very obvious. The factors that will stand out for you the very first moment you land your eyes on it – the color and model. The Koryo air fryer features a design that is modern and a color that is universal. With the simple yet elegant design, complemented with its color, it has the ability to perfectly blend in with you kitchen layout, design and color. You can never go wrong with the color black.


Moving on, the Koryo air fryer is a digital one. This is to mean that you can put in all your settings before the cooking starts, sit back, relax, and enjoy your crispy and tasty chicken or potato chips. You will not have to worry about the food overcooking or not cooking with the right amount of heat. If you are one of those individuals who are very keen and precise with their numbers, then this will serve you best. To complement its automatic nature, it comes with an automatic shutoff as well as an indicator light to signal if it is on or off.

The touch controls on it are easy to use and control. With them, you can set a timer of up to 30 minutes of cooking and set a temperature between 80 and 200 degrees. You might think the time provided for setting is limited and too short to properly cook some of the foods that you have in mind. But when you consider the power it comes packing, 1500W, all your worries will be laid to rest.


Speaking of power, how many times have you purchased a product only to realize later that it is not the standard 240v, or does not match the power you would have preferred? Many times right? Well, working with the Koryo product, you will never have to undergo this. Its power rating is set to a maximum of 240v and a minimum of 220v in the event you would wish to go any lower.


With constant use, the product is bound to get dirty right? And if you are a clean freak, you probably would prefer to clean it after every use. The good news is that unlike many electronic products, the air fryer parts are dishwasher safe. You can throw the into the dishwasher along with the other dirty dishes and have them clean in no time. This is an advantage that many other air fryer products do not have.


Moving on, before you get an air fryer, you will want to know just how big the family you will be serving is and how much food they are able to consume in one sitting. If you are along or with your better half only, then a 1.5 L air fryer will do. However, if you are responsible for a large family, you will need an air fryer like the Koryo featuring 3.2 L. And even if you do not have a large family at the moment, you surely are hoping to get one in the future or even planning for a large party. That said, you would rather go big than go small and be disappointed.

Koryo air fryer Price

As you know air fryers are not something which is common, The benifits are still largely not known in India. It widely used in the west and also available at competative prices, However On a little research we found that the prices online are much cheaper than in offline stores. The koryo air fryer price is around 6k – 7k depending on which online store you chose to buy it from. We recommend amazon as it has the advantage of trust and cheap price, so go ahead and check the price of air fryer by pressing on the link on the bottom of the page. You can check other fryers like the  Prestige Air fryer which has similar features and more of a Indian brand, also available at a cheaper price.

Koryo freebies
Koryo air fryer offer

Well along with an air fryer koryo also gives a few things free. Which includes a recipe book with indian recipes, A pizza pan, bake pan, Base mat and silicon brush. These are great for your device and come in handy when you use your healthy fryer. Remember you are not charged extra for this, it is all free!


  • It comes with a large capacity which allows you to feed a large number of people with a single serving.
  • It is automatic and as such does not need you to hover around it until the food is cooked to your liking.
  • It comes with a one year warranty. as such when anything goes wrong after its purchase and the one year period you get the problem taken care of for free.


  • For a food that needs to be cooked for a long time using low temperature, it might prove a little bit difficult working around the 30 minutes limit for the timer and the low temperature.


This concludes the koryo air fryer review , We hope you have got all the details regarding the product you wish to buy, you can check the latest price of the koryo air fryer by pressing the link below. Thanks for reading and please do share the post.


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