Koryo KHF2215 3.2-Litre Healthy Fryer Review

Technology advances at a very fast rate. Just when you were getting used to one product, its mode of operation and accepting it in the market, another one emerges. Tech geeks are constantly at work looking to improve their products and we have come to accept the fast pace in development. However, while we might be big on accepting this, it is a whole different thing to know what the different options it provides us with – even with the internet available to help us. It is in light of this that we take this opportunity to congratulate you for being on toes with your tech. I mean how else would you have landed on this site if you had no clue what an air fryer is.

But just so that we are on the same page, let us go over some few things. Air fryers, are not glorified ovens. They work on a completely different principle and serve a different purpose altogether though they may overlap on some uses such as baking. Air fryers were built and designed to healthy alternatives to deep fryers.

Reading this, you probably are looking to get yourself one of these pieces of technology. But you just have no clue where you should start from. So to save you the pain and trouble, below is a review of one of the best air fryer there is in the market today.

Koryo KHF2215 3.2-Litre Healthy Fryer review

Koryo KHF2215 3.2-Litre


If you are buying this to serve you alone, the 3.2L may seem too big. Heck it might even be too much for a couple. However, do not be devoid of the fact that you will be looking to start a family of your own in the near future. As such, while the capacity may be too big for you at the moment, it will come in handy in the future. And is there any need for you make another purchase in the future while you can make it once and for all. On the flip side of the coin, if you have a large family already, the capacity will be just perfect for you. You will not need to prepare the food in many small batches, which could take a lot of your time.

Amount of oil used

The Koryo is fryer is a healthy option for all fast and fried food lovers. Without compromising on the taste, you will get to enjoy your best snacks. It does this by reducing the oil used by close to 80{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926}. This is to mean that using this product you will only have to use a few drops of oil and in some cases none at all. All you will be needed to do is put your food in the basket with very little oil (of which the excess will still be drained to the bottom) set the temperature and timer and you will be good to go. In a few minutes, you will be enjoying tasty, healthy and crispy foods with all your loved ones around you. And as if that is not all, you can use the fryer for baking, roasting and grilling.

Cooking basket

The air frying technology alone is however not enough to make this product efficient for all cooking. It needs something extra to take things to the next level. The Koryo features a cooking basket that is especially designed to give the air frying technology a boost.  It helps to circulate the air evenly in the fryer thus properly cooking the food with all its ingredients. This ensures that the food is cooked fast and thoroughly.

Temperature control

Moving on to the temperature, how does one control it? Well, the Koryo fryer features separate jog wheel dials to act as controls for both the timer and the temperature. For the timer, the upper limit is set to 30 minutes while the temperature is set to a range of between 80 and 200 degrees. Depending on what food you are cooking and your preference you can adjust the jog dials.

Easy to clean

This is probably has got you smiling. The thought of having no trouble at all cleaning after yourself is something that brings smiles to the faces of many. This feature is courtesy of the fact that there is not much oil to clean up after use and that most of its removable parts are dishwasher safe.


As for safety, you will be pleased to know that the air fryer comes packing an auto off switch. Fundamentally, this works like a bimetallic strip (but let’s not get into the boring details of how that works to effect this feature). When you set the timer, it automatically starts a countdown to zero. When the time runs out an indicator light will turn on s well as a warning bell sound. This will signal you wherever you are that your food is ready. To remove the food from the fryer, you will need to use the handle which is made from a non-conductor making it cool to the touch even when the interior of the fryer is blazing hot. This helps you handle the frying basket with great ease and safely.

Last but not least, you will be pleased to note that the fryer parts are dishwasher safe. A you need to do is disassemble the fryer parts, clean them out separately dry them and then assemble them.


  • The air fryer comes with a warranty which protects you from bearing extra cost in the event it malfunctions within the set warranty time frame.
  • It features a large capacity making it great for large families or parties


  • With its large capacity, it might not be the best pick for a small family, a couple or single person as it may be wasting a lot of power preparing little food.


Using an air fryer comes with numerous benefits. However, not all of them will provide you with all the benefits given your preferences. That said, for individuals with a large family, or those who love multi-tasking or having people over, the Koryo KHF2215 3.2-Litre Healthy Fryer will prove to be the best pick.


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