Phillips Viva collection HD9220/53 Review

Living healthy is the one thing many individuals all over the world are seeking to do each and every day of their lives. The number of articles written and posted online about dieting, losing weight and videos done to get in shape, lose shape and cooking healthy foods is staggering. The fact that they are many in number and still growing is testament to one thing – they are meeting the need of many individuals looking for such information and knowledge. Lots of the information iterate the fact that we need to get rid of high fats and oils in our diet as it is the major cause of exponential weight gain. And while this might seem impossible, it can actually be done. With the recent technological advancement, and with the creation of air fryers, you can rest easy.

Air fryers are the designated replacements for deep fryers. They help you get rid of all the oils in your foods and still provide you with the familiar tantalizing taste you know of fried foods. That said, and given the fact that you are looking for the best air fryer in the market, let’s have a look at the best there is in the market. Below is a comprehensive review of the Phillips Viva collection HD9220/53.

Phillips Viva collection HD9220/53 Review


This is one of the products that has garnered for itself a decent level of popularity over the years. Now one might wonder, what has caused it to rise to such great heights? Is it the branding and market or does it actually have the answers that many are seeking after? Well, to answer these questions and more, let’s have an in depth look at the features it comes packing.

Unique design

Upon the first look, many individuals fall in love with this air fryer’s design. But while it might be great and all, it is nothing compared with the intricate and complimentary design that it features on its inside. To help the superheated air circulate all over the food you are cooking evenly and fast, it features a starfish design on its inside. This allows the food to cook very fast and evenly. You will not find the need to keep turning the food as is the case with deep frying.

Tantalizing taste with up to 80{8685f2d63b42cccab854a448e3ee1bca9d14147a93eefc425d4725b8050a7926} less in fat

It is shocking to realize that you can get the same taste of fried foods from air frying right? I mean, isn’t that close to roasting food? Well, to some level yes, but the little amount of oil added while preparing the foods makes the whole difference. A spoonful of oil will be evenly distributed while cooking the food. The exterior will be crunchy while the insides remain to be soft and juicy just as you would love it. So rather than using 10 liters of oil to prepare a meal, you will only need to have a table spoonful of oil to prepare a meal. This is far healthier and cheaper. Think about it, how much can you do with the extra dollars you have left over after saving from buying the extra oil? Heck you can even get an extra piece of chicken if you fancy some.


With the hot airs moving at neck breaking speeds over the foods, it can be very unsafe to open it up and come into contact with the hot air. This can give you an express ticket to the emergency room having suffered severe hand burns and having not enjoyed your favorite food. To counter this, and to make the product safe to use and handle, the exterior of the air fryer is cool to the touch even with all the hot airs inside it. The core of the air fryer where all the fun and magic takes place is covered up with heat non-conductors (plastic). As such, you can move the product from one place to the other even when it is still cooking. The designers of this product had all the avenues covered.

Easy to use

When you get a new product, especially one that is advanced in technology, you will have some tinge of fear lingering at the back of your mind wondering if you will be able to operate the new technology you just got. Well, some technology at times proves to be difficult and slightly challenging that one needs to refer to the user manual that comes with the product. This is however not the case with this Philips air fryer. Everything is clearly labelled for you. The time and temperature controls are labeled with the degrees and time. You can set the time up to thirsty minutes for this product and the temperature up to 200 degrees. How great is that? You do not have to feel left out or confused using this new piece of tech.

And what is even better is that when the time elapses, the air fryer shuts off automatically. So you can be cooking and making other preparations without a care in the world that your food will not cook as great as you had hoped.

Recipe booklet full of recipes for you to try out

While it might be easy to use and operate, it would be all for nothing if you can’t seem to get the perfect setting to prepare the foods that you love. So to help with this, Philips provides a recipe booklet along with the air fryer. The recipe booklet contains a host of tantalizing and inspiring recipes that you would love to have. They come with all the perfect time and temperature settings for the various foods that you would love to try out. The recipe book is brought together by expert chefs in the industry. They showcase some of the foods that you expect to find in high end hotels and restaurant. How great is that, preparing food that you would have otherwise had to part with several hundreds of dollars to enjoy!


The Philips air fryer brand has made a name of itself over the years. Now one would assume that they are thriving on this name that they have built over the years. However, contrary to this, the reason for its success is the numerous handy features that it comes with.

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