Philips HD9230/26 Air Fryer Review

Fried foods have secured a top place for themselves in many kitchens. Their vast and ever growing popularity can be attributed to their simplicity in preparation and needless to say, tantalising taste. But not all that glitters is gold. Fried foods, despite their popularity, have been proven to be terrible for health (and this is still an understatement). Frying food in traditional appliances that require you to use varying kinds of oils only fills you up with bad calories and fat.

But before you go all bizerk making all sorts of new resolutions and changes, there is a way that you can enjoy your tasty and crunchy foods without suffering the aftermath.

Instead of using a deep fryer which will have you feeding on greasy foods loaded with calories, you could prepare the same food with an air fryer and get to enjoy the same great taste. Unlike deep fryers, air fryers require little or no oil to prepare crispy foods. The hot air blowing inside it does all the magic. For more information regarding the airfryers we highly recommend you to read our Ultimate guide on Airfryers.

But given that air fryers are relatively new in the market, you might not know a lot about them. As a matter of fact, you probably are confused with all the choices you have set before you. Well, as you probably know by now, not all air fryers are the same. They differ in make, model and technology. Choosing the best will allow you to enjoy your meals without having to sacrifice your health. Speaking of the best, below is a review of the top 2016 air fryer in the market.

Philips HD 9230/26 Review


Simply put, if you are in the search for the best air fryer in the market currently, one that will not have you break your bank to own, then the Philips HD9230/26 is the machine for you.

  • Technology is fast changing the way things are done. Case in point, the Philips HD9230/26 features a digital touch screen interface instead of the traditional buttoned interface. This technology makes it easier to change up the temperatures between 0 and 360 degrees to suit the food you are preparing. You can prepare your fries or chicken with just the right crispiness.
  • With the built in rapid air technology it features, it is able to cook food faster and still manage to field excellent results. This technology circulates the air within the fryer fast and with great precision to achieve the best results. And as if that is not enough, its bottom features a starfish design which facilitates the even distribution of heat in the compartment.
  • If you are considering this option, you obviously are concerned about your health and that of your family. Well, using this appliance you will lay your worries aside. To make your bakes, fries, roasted food or grills, all the Philips HD9230/26 will need is a tablespoon of oil. Indeed this cannot be remotely compared to the litres of oil you would have used to prepare the same food with a deep fryer.
  • And in the event you are busy multitasking, the air fryer features a 60-minute timer as well as an automatic shutoff option. This will prevent your food from overcooking. Convenient right?
  • But just in case you are thinking this is appliance is too good to be true, with everything going for it, it does feature a slight negative. It can only prepare 1.8 lbs. of food at a go. For people with large families, this would be a downer, but it is something that can be worked around if you keep an open mind.


the Philips HD9230/26 is great at its job – making healthy delicacies. It is a product we would highly recommend.

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