Prestige air fryer review : In depth Buyers guide

Welcome to the prestige air fryer review, In this post we aim to discuss the features and usability of the air fryer. read this in depth post in which we discuss the technology, Capacity, Pros, cons and the price of the concerned air fryer.Also we have include a video for your reference at the end, watch it to get an idea as to how good the design of this fryer.

All you have to do is change your method of preparing it. And since the large amounts of oil used has been identified to be the problem, your solution will involve getting rid of most or all of the oil from the cooking process. Is this possible? While yes it is. With technology, and the big strides that it is taking, what is impossible? In the recent past, so recent that not many are aware, technology graced the industry, graced us with a new way of preparing our fried foods – air frying. Air fried foods taste just as good if not better than the fried foods. This article helps in understanding what an air fryer does.

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That said; let’s get to the heart of this piece.

Prestige Air Fryer Review

Prestige air fryer review

This is not just any other we are about to review. It is one of a kind. A quick glance at it and you will fall in love first with its design and then later after you have taken some moments to scrutinize it, the features that it comes with.

Easy to operate

A product can be of the very best quality and come with the best of features in the world. But if it lacks in simplicity and ease of use, it is all for nothing. Think about it. What is the need to carry home a product that you know will take you ages to understand its operation let alone be able to produce your fried foods to your preference. Knowing that it can give you the best does not quite cut it. You have to be able to do it, and with the least effort possible. That said, you will be pleased to note that this Air Fryer features an easy to use layout. Both the rotary timer and temperature control knob are clearly labelled and easy to use. Adding to this, it features an auto shutoff technology which provides you the user with great convenience. You do not have to hover over the cooking food until it is ready. You can go about your business without a care in the world or worry that your food will overcook ruining the taste.

Frying basket with great design

Most air fryers in the market do not feature a frying basket that is this cool, sturdy and durable. Many in one way or the other reduce the efficiency of the product all together. This is not the case with the Prestige PAF 1.0 1400 watt Air Fryer. Its frying basket comes with a stainless steel grill which allows the hot air to circulate evenly over the food at neck braking speeds. This ensures that the insides of your chicken are well cooked but still remain their juiciness and that the chicken cooks fast.

Safety button

Surely, you must have experienced times when you were so hungry that you couldn’t wait to get food into your mouth and down you throat. At that particular time, everything seems to be working against you and the cooking appliances seem to be experiencing a slow day. In your rush, you might be tempted to extract your food from the air fryer without switching it off first. With other products, this mistake can cost you several hundreds of dollars in hospital bill and medication. With the Prestige PAF 1.0 1400 watt Air Fryer however, you are covered. It comes with a safety handle which automatically turns off the air dryer when you pull out the frying basket. And when you put it back, while it is still one, the air frying continues. The designers of this product really had everything thought through right?

Easy to clean

When you want to clean the basket after use, you can do it with great ease. The grille and basket to add to this are dish washer safe. As such, you can clean them along your other dirty dishes too. And just before you dismiss this as not a big deal, think of all the times you have walked into your kitchen with the sink full of dirty dishes that were from the previous day’s party you had so generously and willingly offered to host. What was the feeling you had? You probably just wanted to ignore them and pretend they are not there. Up until you get hungry and you realize you do not have no clean dishes to use.

Smoke and oil filter

Using an air fryer, it will at times produce smoke as a result of the hot air burning the little amount of oil that put in. while it seems to be an inevitable occurrence with most air fryers, the Prestige PAF 1.0 1400 watt Air Fryer features a smoke and air filter to keep your kitchen smelling clean and fresh at all times.

Prestige Air fryer price

As always we make sure to provide you with an insigth of the prices. when we checked the price of the air fryer on various platforms( online & offline). The prices are much lower online, The lowest being on Amazon. So click the link below to check the latest price. Moreover we found satisfied consumer reviews on the amazon portal, From delivery to usage. Amazon India is growing and are known for their consumer centric policies,  In fact they are the biggest e-commerce company in the US.

Here is a video showing the usability of the air fryer,




  • It features a handle with which you can carry it from one place to the other.
  • Its ease of cleaning and dishwasher safety makes it a darling to many individuals.


  • Its price might not be affordable to many individuals who are looking to make a purchase.


The features that this air fryer from Prestige comes packing are indeed one of a kind. You need not be told this alliteratively. So the next time you go shopping, make a point of picking out the Air Fryer to be on the safe side and have the best experience ever. To check the latest online price of this fryer by prestige, click on the link below.

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