The Oyster Halo CKSTHF-049 1100 watt Air Fryer review

Just when you thought your kitchen was fully equipped with all you would ever need, technology comes with a whole new angle of things and provides you with a product you wonder how you have survived years without. This has happened so many times that it is just, for lack of a better word, useless to get comfortable and sure of having all we need in the kitchen. The latest revolutionary and innovative product in the market is the air review. It will without a doubt change the way you look at things not to mention the way you prepare and have you food.

The Air fryers, unlike the traditional deep fryers are the newest healthy addition of kitchen appliances in the market. With them, you can feed on all your best fried foods without a care in the world of attracting cholesterol related health problems. But apart from eating and living healthy, is there any other reason to make a purchase of this product? Yes. In fact the ‘yes’ should be in caps and bolded…YES – Benefits that will come out clearly in the review.

And now comes the dreaded question – how does one pick the best from the sea of air fryers available? Well, rather than provide you with factors to consider, below is a air fryer review of the best there is in the market.

The Oyster Halo CKSTHF-049 1100 watt Air Fryer review

Oyster Halo CKSTHF-049


The design of this product is what will catch your attention the first moment you lay your eyes on it. If you are one who has a keen designer eye, you will greatly appreciate the shape it is molded into, the color scheme not to mention the location of all the important controlling parts of the fryer. For many it can be and is a great addition to their kitchen as it complements the kitchen design and color scheme at all. If you have gone to a friend’s house and found equipment that threw the whole allure of the home off, you will greatly appreciate the Oyster Halo CKSTHF-049 1100 watt Air Fryer.


Moving, the technology that it comes with is one of a kind. In the market, there are two kinds of air fryers, just like cars, automatic and manual. The manual ones require you to hover around setting and varying the temperature if you are to get the best food from it. Automatic fryers on the other and come preset with menu setting for common foods such as chicken and fries. All you need to do is set the temperature and the time and it will take care of the rest. The Oster air fryer (automatic) will shut itself off the moment the set time elapses. This is very convenient for the busy moms and those who need to multitask during the preparation. In addition to this, it features an LED digital display. Can things get any better than that?

Halogen Heating element

To help improve on its efficiency, the Oyster Halo CKSTHF-049 1100 watt Air Fryer features a halogen heating element. This provides for instant heat up. It will save you a lot of time when you are working on a deadline like serving guests who have just showed up on your doorstep or for those days your hunger pangs come with a vengeance. Speaking of saving, the unit will help you save a whole lot more than just time. You will get to save some pretty coins as well. How many liters would you use when you ae deep frying chicken or making fries? A lot right? And how many times do you reuse the left over oil? Chances are none. The oil gives a bad taste to the food and as such most people do not like the reusing option. So all that oil ends up been thrown away. With tis air fryer however, you will not have to use that much a matter of fact only a table spoonful of oil will be required to make your delicacy. All the money you would have used to buy the other liters of oil will be saved and used for a much greater purpose. Probably even get another piece of chicken.

Ease of Operation

Working with the Oyster Halo CKSTHF-049 1100 watt Air Fryer, you will save a lot of power. With its rotation feature and transparent lid, there is no need to keep opening the unit while the food is preparing. In addition to this, it features a pause function that will stop the timer in the rare event you want to open the lid and resume when you close it again.


If you have a fairly large family, the 2.3Ltrs the fryer comes packing will be more of an advantage to you. You will be able to cook more for the family in one round. However, if you have a party to cook for you may want to get one with a bigger capacity though if there is no hurry it may suffice.

The air fryer is not only used to fry your food. It can also be used to roast, sauté, bake and cook food to your preferences.

If you are like many individuals who love and enjoy having their food but hate what follows after, cleaning, you will be glad to have this halo fryer. It is easy to clean and what is more its parts are dish washer safe. You will not have to stress yourself over their cleaning.


  • It features a non-stick bowl and paddle
  • Its feet are non-slip and as such there is reduced risk of it falling off the counter.


  • The price it comes with scares many individuals away. However, with the features and the benefits you stand to gain, the price range is understandable.


For those individuals who are looking to enjoy food but want to lead a healthy life in the process, watching what they eat and all, the Oyster halo fryer will prove to be the healthiest way to go preparing your fried chicken, French fries and a host of other heavenly foods.

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